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About Jaime Imbusch

From Michelin stars to Professional Meal Prepper, Chef Jaime has done it all. From famous hotels such as Claridges to working alongside Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay in London and beach side restaurants in the south of Spain. Jaime has also  travelled the globe with two royal families as a private Chef.

Most Popular Recipes

We have a proper passion for cooking. Love is the secret ingredient that makes all our meals taste better and magical.

It's Time To Level Up Your Cooking Game

Over 20 years of cooking experience broken down in to bite-size classes

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20 Essential Dishes

These are the dishes that everyone should know how to make, and make them well. Learn to cook the top 20 classics or weeknight meals.

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Quick Guide to Meal Prep

Meal Prep saves you time and money. This course will save you even more of both as I share my tips and tricks as a professional meal prepper.

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What Everyone Should Know

Eating on a budget doesn’t need to be boring. This course shows you dishes that are simple and quick to prepare while keeping cost in mind!

Learn to create better-tasting food in less time

Add Some Spice To Life!

We have a true passion for cooking. Care and respect are the secret ingredients that makes all our meals taste better.